Easter Week - Visit Andratx

Easter Week

As in the whole island, the municipality of Andratx celebrates the Easter Week with religious processions in all its towns. The “Palm Sunday” starts the feast with the blessing of the olive and palm bunches. On “Holy Friday”, different religious processions walk the streets of the towns and on “Easter” it takes place the procession of the “Meeting of Jesus with the Virgin Mary”. The pilgrimage up to the tower of “Sant Elm”, known as the “Pancaritat” puts an end to the feasts on “Easter Monday”.

In these days “Panades” are typical, they are traditional pea and lamb pies, that all families in the Balearic Islands prepare before the Easter Week. It is also typical to bake “Robiols”, sweet paste pies filled with spaghetti squash jam, cottage cheese, or different kind of jam, and “Crespells”, rustic cookies with different shapes: stars, circles or flowers. These desserts have a Jewish origin and it seems that they were taken during the “Passover”, before the conquest.

Easter Week - Visit Andratx

General Information

Easter Week: “Palm Sunday ”, “Good Friday” and “Easter”.

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