Andratx, town in Andratx municipality, Mallorca | Visit Andratx


Andratx, known by the locals as la vila, has a population of approximately 7,600 inhabitants. It is the cultural and administrative center of the region. Calm and traditional, the town of Andratx is a must for those who want to get to know the Tramuntana mountains.

Shops, restaurants, cultural possibilities, medical infrastructure and sports facilities are among the services that Andratx offers.

The urban center of the town is where the historical and patrimonail attractive is focused. The old estate of Son Mas, where the Town Hall is located since 1998, its one of the most emblematic buildings of the area is a required visit for those coming to the town of Andratx.

Another point of interst is the church of “Santa Maria”of Andratx. The parish church was erected in 1248, it contains an important artistic heritage such as the baroque altarpieces dedicated to the “Holy Mother of the Rosary”, “Holy Mary and St Sebastian”. Likewise, the canvas “Quadre des moros”, represents the landing of the Turkish on the 2th August 1578 in Andratx.

You can go all over the past and the history of the town by walking on the streets of the ancient neighborhood of “Pantaleu”, where the “mill of Sa Planeta”,  “La Curia” building, former town hall and current town library, and the” tower of So Na Gaiana” are located.

The best day to visit Andratx is on wednesdays, the market day, when the streets get full of selling stalls where you can find a wide array of products while you take a pleasant stroll.

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