Andratx, town in Andratx municipality, Mallorca | Visit Andratx


Andratx, colloquially known as “la vila“, is a population and plays a central role as the administrative and cultural centre of the municipality. This peaceful, deep-rooted village is an essential destination for those wishing to explore the breathtaking Serra de Tramuntana mountain range.

In Andratx, visitors will find a wide range of services, including shops, restaurants, cultural options, health infrastructure and sports facilities. The town centre of the village concentrates its attraction from a historical and patrimonial point of view. Among the most outstanding monuments is the Castle of Son Mas, which has been the seat of the Town Hall of Andratx since 1998 and is considered one of the most emblematic buildings of the area, being a must-see for those who come to the village of Andratx.

The church of Santa María de Andratx, erected as a parish church in 1248, houses a valuable artistic heritage, which includes baroque altarpieces dedicated to the “Virgen del Rosario”, the “Virgen María” and “San Sebastián”. A treasure of special relevance is the “Quadre des Moros”, which commemorates the Turkish landing on the 2nd of August 1578 in Andratx.

For those who wish to enjoy the authenticity of Andratx, the perfect day to visit the village is Wednesday, when the weekly market takes place. On this day, the streets are filled with stalls offering a wide variety of products, providing an opportunity to take a pleasant stroll while exploring the local offerings.

Those interested can also take a journey through the past and history of the town of Andratx with the Ruta del Pariatge, taking in the streets of the old “des Pantaleu” neighbourhood, where the mills of “sa Planeta”, the Cúria building (which now houses the Town Hall), the old Town Hall and the Municipal Library, as well as the tower of “So na Gaiana” can be found.