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Our Gastronomy

““Andratx” gastronomy is rich in products from the land and the sea. It is a Mediterranean, peasant and seafood cuisine, where ingredients such as fish and shellfish stand out. Among the most typical dishes include:

Majorcan soups: ingredients such as peasant bread and vegetables are the protagonists of this typical dish.

Tumbet: consists of the mixture of various vegetables (aubergines, red peppers, potatoes) with a layer of tomato sauce. It is cooked in a clay pot, commonly called “ greixonera “ in Mallorca.

Frito de matanzas: an exquisite dish made with top-quality pork, following the tradition of Majorcan slaughters, which in the past was carried out by all families at the end of the year.

Arròs de peix: a tasty and nutritious rice with fish broth. A recipe where different types of fish are used to make the broth.

Greixonera de Pasqua: a typical Easter sweet dish made with milk, dolces de bescuit, eggs, lemon and cinnamon.

Ensaimada: a pastry product with a great tradition. It is a food made from sugary dough, fermented and baked, prepared with lard (saïm in Catalan, hence the name).

Almond ice cream: it is a very rich and refreshing dessert, made with almonds, typical in traditional Majorcan culinary preparations.

Llet amb figuera: a sweet recipe in which milk of the day is mixed with a branch of a fig tree and honey or sugar is added.

This and much more can be tasted in the wide variety of quality restaurants distributed throughout the municipality.”