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Sant Elm

Sant Elm is an ancient fishermen town which has become a small tourist center made up of summer residences. Homely and calm, it offers a variety of restaurants, bars and a small shopping area.

This coastal town, which used to be known as Palomera, is where the troops of the King Jaime I first anchored before landing  Santa Ponça in 1229. Until beginning of the 20th century. Sant Elm’s economy was based on fishing and fish salting. Currently, this small locality of 400 inhabitats lives off of tourism.

This area has valuable historical and patrimonial heritage. One side, the presence of King “James II” is reflected in the ancient sailor hostpital with a chapel, known as the “tower of Sant Elm”. On the other side, “La Trapa”, where a community of monks built a monastery arond 1810. Finally, the defense towers in “Cala en Basset”, and “Llebeig” on the Dragonera island are remnants of the defensive fortifications to prevent attacks from pirates.

Another tourist attraction in Sant Elm are it’s fine-sanded beaches, Sa gran and Sa Petita or pebbled-beaches such as “Cala es Conills” and “Cala en Basset”, which are perfect to sunbathe and to referesh.

Salt Elm has a small but ideal restaurant offer. The afternoon and the nighttime are excellent moments to try it’s delicious cuisine in the different restaurants, while enjoying a direct view to the sea and the Dragonera island.

Natural Spaces, hiking paths, historical heritage, splendid beaches, and waterports facilities are some of the attractives that Sant Elm offers to the visitors. It is ideal for family-tourism, to enjoy nature, San Elm has the privilege to have places of exceptional interest: The “Nature Park of the Dragonera island”, and the “Nature Reserve of La Trapa”.

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