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Camp de Mar

Camp de Mar, a tourist enclave on the Andritxola coast, boasts a uniquely beautiful beach, with crystal-clear waters and white sand. Moreover, this place has a small islet that divides the beach, adding even more charm to its natural landscape.

This urban nucleus flourished in the 1980s near Biniorella, one of the largest estates in the region, and was named in his honour. Other urbanisations, such as des Salinar and cap Andritxol, came into being later. The colonial-style Gran Hotel, built in 1932, marked the beginning of the hotel industry, being replaced in the eighties. During the nineties, the village grew with new houses, flats and hotels.

History is reflected in the Torre des Cap Andritxol, an ancient fortification against pirates. In contrast, the modern golf course of Andratx, with 18 holes, is a challenge for golfers.

Although it has no parish church, Camp de Mar has a chapel dedicated to San Joaquín and Santa Ana, where open-air mass is celebrated in summer.

Sports enthusiasts enjoy a variety of water activities and excursions, such as the Cap Andritxol tower. Golf is a year-round attraction.

The hotel and gastronomic offer is diverse, with restaurants offering national and international delicacies, accompanied by exquisite desserts and wines.

Camp de Mar, with its attractiveness and amenities, is an outstanding tourist destination in Andratx and one of the most sought after places in Mallorca for a pleasant holiday.