S’Arracó, town in Andratx municipality, Mallorca | Visit Andratx


S’Arracó is a small and charming town with less than 1,000 inhabitants where the calm and hospitality that is perceived on it’s streets enchant the visitors of this town .

S’Arracó retains the charm of the typical houses on the inland, low, traditional, with a small garden. However, it also displays a majestic architecture such as the modernist style houses built with the money that migrants from S’Arracó sent to their families from France. Most of these hauses can be found on the main street, the França street.

It is also remarkable the building of Ca Ses monges, the old school, and current culture house, and the three traditional cafés which are the meeting point for the locals. But the main building of S’Arracó is the church of “St. Christ”, built in 1704 by Antonio Ferrandell Verí, considered the founder of the town. The church contains the important baroque altarpiece dedicated to “St Christ” and the alterpice of “Our Lady of La Trapa”, an image that proceeds from the ancient “monastery of La Trapa”. Likewise, in S’Arracó can be found some witnesses of the rural economy such as the estates of “Son Guillem”, “Son Joan”, “Son Castell”, “Son Nadal”, and the mills and the waterwheels that remain from the agricultural past.

Concerning sports, the town has modern sports facilities. The sports field of “Sa Vinya” has “AstroTurf” and it is suitable for the practice of football or rugby. However, hiking is the best leisure activity in S’Arracó. The mountainous landscape offers the opportunity to take excursions and to enjoy the fantastic spots and views. One of the most popular routes is the climb up to the “monastery of La Trapa”.

A small and homely hotel and a couple of restaurants where you can taste delicious and international dishes are also part of the charm of S’Arracó.

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