S’Arracó, Mallorca | Visit Andratx


S’Arracó, a picturesque village of less than 1000 inhabitants, exudes serenity and hospitality. Its typical houses, with orchards and gardens, preserve the essence of inland villages. It also boasts modernist architectural gems, testimony to the money sent by emigrants to their families from France. Among them, the ones that line the main street, Carrer França, stand out.

In S’Arracó, you can also see the “ca ses Monges” building, the old school, now a cultural centre, and the three traditional cafés that serve as a meeting point for the locals. The church of “Sant Crist”, built in 1704 by Antonio Ferrandell Verí, considered the founder of the village, is an emblematic building. Inside, there are outstanding baroque altarpieces, such as the “Santo Cristo” and the “Mare de Déu de la Trapa“, an image from the now defunct monastery of the same name. The legacy of the rural economy is evident in old estates such as “Son Guillem”, “Son Joan”, “Son Castell” and “Son Nadal”, as well as in mills and waterwheels that recall an agricultural past.

Sport has its place in the modern sports field “sa Vinya“, with artificial turf and suitable for football and rugby. However, excursions are the most attractive option in S’Arracó. The mountainous landscape offers walking routes that reveal spectacular scenery and incomparable views, such as the popular climb to the monastery of “la Trapa“.