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Camp de Mar

Watchtower Cap Andritxol

This watchtower is located on Cap Andritxol, between Camp de Mar and Cala Fornells. Built in 1580, it offers a unique view of the Andritxol coast. The system created consisted of the construction of watchtowers in different areas that communicated with each other by means of signals, such as smoke, for example.

The tower is located on a rocky watchtower some 180 m above sea level. The entire area around the rocky watchtower where the tower is located is preserved in a natural state, with a predominance of pine woods and shrub vegetation such as lentiscus and palmetto. This is a cylinder-shaped tower with a main chamber made of masonry, vaulted and mortared, from which a staircase leads up to a terrace. It has recently been restored for conservation purposes.

The barracks of the “torreros” were built during the 17th century, they are made of rough masonry, and, according to the documentation, the one closest to the tower is older, the second one is an extension made in the 19th century; the first one was used as a room and the other as a stable.

The tower formed part of the defense system of the Mallorcan coast, which, due to its geographical location, was a point of attack by pirates for a long time.