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Sant Elm

Sa Dragonera

The Dragonera island, a nature park since 1995, is the biggest islet in Mallorca with a length of 4,2 Km between the capes of Tramuntana and Llebeig. It is located 700 meters away from the coast of Mallorca and it is separated from Sant Elm by the Freu canal.

The West side of the island is made up of spectacular, vertical cliffs. On the other side, the East coast is made up of small streams, coves, and the natural port of Cala Lladó, where the Interpretation Center is located. It has a small exhibition and it is the starting point of the excursiosn by foot to each of the lighthouses of the island.

The highest point is Na Pòpia, 353 meters high, where the lighhouse of Na Popia is located, which was dismantled in 1910. That same year, the rest of the lighthouses of the area came into operation. In 1905 was built the lighthouse of Llebeig, 121 meters above sea level. In 1907 the Tramuntana lighhouse was built at a height of 54 meters.

In 1585 the tower of Llebeig was erected to avoid the entrance of pirate boats in the cove of Llebeig. In 2004 the tower and its access were restored.

Other traditional constructions thant can also be observed are the lime oven, the vantage point of Na Miranda and the dovecoat, among many others.

Sa Dragonera was used throughout history by pirates, corsairs and smugglers around which were created many of the legends of the island of lizards.