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Municipal library Jaume Bover Pujol

The building that was formerly the headquarters of the Cúria (the name by which the Town Hall of Andratx was popularly known) is currently the Municipal Library, inaugurated in 2003. This historic building suffered an arson attack during the revolution of 1868, which resulted in the destruction of the entire archive’s documentary collection. The building was not renovated until 1886 with the sale of the tower of Sant Elm to Archduke Ludwig Salvator.

In 1889, the architect Joan Guas Vicens designed its remodelling, which was carried out between 1890 and 1892, under the direction of the master builder Juan Calafell Juan.

Municipal library Jaume Bover Pujol - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

General Information

Dedicated to Jaume Bover, Spanish educator, librarian and writer. Born in s’Arracó, he managed the Spanish Library in Tanger for 30 years, which later gave place to the Juan Goytisolo Cervantes Institute.This Andritxol erudite has thousands of publications, including the history of falconry in Mallorca, funerary floristics, the Mallorcan Jews of the Diaspora, the incunabula of the island and Mallorcan cuisine.

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