Theatrical Function "Escalar un Gegant" - Visit Andratx


Theatrical Function “Escalar un Gegant”

With the arrival of a storm that devastates the island, a father and son are forced to live together for the first time in a long time. The storm means that this unexpected encounter will keep them together for several days between the same four walls, with little else to do but talk and try to understand each other. Escalar un gegant is a light-hearted tragicomedy with a sweet and aggregate taste, which investigates couple-family relationships (and family relationships in general) that deteriorate over time and distance. The play poses a personal dilemma between the two characters. It does not try to be politically correct, nor does it try to defend a specific philosophy, nor does it try to spread a moral. It tells us a personal experience that exposes the positions of two individuals with their faults and virtues.

Theatrical Function "Escalar un Gegant" - Visit Andratx

General Information

Written and directed by Bernat Molina
Cast: Santi Pons and Xavier Núñez
5th February at 19.00
Sa Teulera d’Andratx Theatre
Theatrical performance: “Escalar un Gegant
Free admission
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