Nits a la Fresca - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

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Nits a la Fresca

During the last celebrations we had the honour of enjoying artists such as: Maria del Mar Bonet, Rodrigo Cuevas, Corals Municipals, Juddit Nedderman, Joan Dausà, David Gomez, Cap-pela, Camareta de sa Nostra, Nit d’Havaneres, Ballet Jove de Mallorca, Anegats, Julia Clom, Aprojove… and many more, in a unique atmosphere.

It takes place during the month of July and August every year in the evenings, in order to take advantage of the weather that is so characteristic of our summer months. All the activities on offer are free of charge and organised by the Department of Culture of Andratx Town Hall.

Nits a la Fresca - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

General Information

This magical cultural programme has been held for nearly 23 years and is a real delight for residents and visitors to the town.”Nits a la Fresca” offers the opportunity to enjoy cultural and musical events in the open air. open-air cultural and musical events.Concerts, shows and projections fill the squares, gardens, lighthouses and special corners of various locations in the municipality of Andratx. various locations in the municipality of Andratx, creating a festive and cheerful atmosphere. With different musical, theatrical and cultural styles in each performance.

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