Nit de l'Art s'Arracó 2023 - Visit Andratx


Nit de l’Art s’Arracó 2023

The artists will be waiting for you at s’Arracó from 20:00 h.
We invite you to use the free buses that will leave from Puerto de Andratx, Camp de Mar and San Telmo.

Nit de l'Art s'Arracó 2023 - Visit Andratx

General Information

The Nit de l’Art d’Arracó 2023 will be celebrated on 27 July 2023. More than 100 artists including painters, sculptors, photographers and performance artists will exhibit their works in the streets of the village and will be entertained by 11 music groups.
The opening ceremony this year will take place at 19:30 h in the church of the village with the inauguration of the exhibition PAINTING WITH WOMEN’S VOICE (45 years of painting awards in Andratx) and accompanied by the voice of the Soprano Cristina Van Roy.

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