Molí de Sa Planeta (Sa Planeta Mill) - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX


Molí de Sa Planeta (Sa Planeta Mill)

It is one of the most spectacular and emblematic spots of the municipality. Built in 1784, it can be observed from almost everywhere in Andratx, besides it offers excellent views over the region. It is the only public mill of the three flour mills existing in the area. It was partially restored, but in 2012 a strong storm damaged it and destroyed the “capell”, among other elements.

With considerable assistance from Consell de Mallorca, it has now been fully restored. With a cost of 12,000 Euros funded by both entities, besides of it’s patrimonial value, the mill is also a great tourist attraction. Moreover, in the short-time it is also planned to restore the whole plot of Sa Planeta, including the road and the signage of the area.

The Cultural Heritage Department organizes different visits with the pupils of the municipality in order to show it’s magnificent location, the working of the flour mills and the history of the surroundings.

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