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Port d’Andratx

Restaurante Latitud 39

Latitud 39 is a unique restaurant in Puerto Andratx that pride themselves on offering the best Mallorcan cuisine, renovated with a modern and fresh flavour. Inspired by the traditional recipes of our mothers and grandmothers, we have created a menu full of flavour and freshness.

With a fishing tradition of more than 50 years in the Vera family, Latitud 39 is dedicated to a local product in which fish from the port itself and vegetables from our lands will be the protagonists in our menu.

At Latitud 39, our aim is to provide our guests with a memorable gastronomic experience. With a combination of high quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, we are sure that each dish will delight your senses and take you on a culinary journey through the rich culinary culture of Mallorca. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

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