Feast of Ses Madones - Visit Andratx


Feast of Ses Madones

The “Festa de Ses Madones”, celebrated on the 2nd August recalls an event occured more than 400 years ago. On that day in 1578, Andratx was defended by the women of the town from the attack of Ottoman pirates thanks to the mediation of the Virgen de los Ángeles (Virgin of the Angels)

The “Festa de Ses Madones” represents the assembling of those women one by one all over the village, by donkey, and it is followed by a walk through the streets of Andratx.

The walk ends at Plaça del Pou with a flower offering carried out at the Cruz de Sa Costa with the music of La Balanguera. After that, the attendants move to the church were a mass is held with the reading of the “Sermón de los Moros” and the “Canto de los Goces”. Lastly, all the gathering moves to Plaza de España where the dance “Baile de Ses Madones” will be performed.

On the eve, an adaptation of the play “Andratx Andratx” is performed. It was written by Joan Coll and it explains the “Festa de Ses Madones”.

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