Cala En Fonoll - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

Port d’Andratx

Cala En Fonoll

The cove is located between the border of cliffs which makes its access difficult. Therefore this excursion is not recommended for children. However, the effort will be rewarded with the magnificent view of Port d’Andratx, a lot of intimacy and crystall waters. It can also be much easily accessed from the close beach of Cala Moragues, which is 180 meters away, by walking along the seashore.

“Cala En Fonoll” is not the ideal place to spend the day. It is very rocky and has no appropriate place to lay down. However, it is pefect if the visitor wants to swim and enjoy the view.

General Information

Data: River stoned-beach, 40 meters long and 2 meters wide.

Distance from Andratx: 5 Kilometers.

Access: By foot through private plots or from “Cala Moragues” along the seashore.

How to get