Cala de Egos - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

Port d’Andratx

Cala de Egos

“Cala de Egos” is an unfrequented cove due to its difficult acccess. It is a perfect and intimate place to anchor the boat and to enjoy diving and swimming. It is the only place on the coast of Andratx where these three activities can be carried out. You can also access the cove swimming or by Kayak.

Enclosed by the ravine of penyal Vermell and Coll des Vent and between the points of Na Moragues and sa Dent, it is a dry and steep landscape covered by river stones where a small stream leads into. The landscape is fundamentally low hills and pine trees.

General Information

Data: Pebbled-beach, 70 meters long and 25 meters wide.

Distance from Andratx: 10 Km.

Access: Parking at the “Club de Vela Port d’Andratx” (Sailing Club) and 4 km by foot with a slope of 300 meters.

How to get