Andratx - Sant Elm - Port Andratx - Andratx - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

Andratx – Sant Elm – Port Andratx – Andratx

The Andratx – Sant Elm – Port d’Andratx – Andratx cycling route is an ideal route for easy cyclists looking to enjoy a relaxing ride and captivating scenery. With a distance of 22 kilometres and a gradient of 488 metres, this route offers a satisfying and accessible experience for cyclists of all levels.

The starting point in Andratx provides a lovely typical Mediterranean village atmosphere, with its cobbled streets and traditional houses. Heading towards Sant Elm, cyclists will be treated to impressive views of the sea and coastline as they ride along roads surrounded by lush vegetation. Passing through picturesque Port d’Andratx adds a touch of sophistication, with its elegant marina and exclusive boutiques.

The return to Andratx brings this beautiful route full circle, offering the opportunity to once again enjoy the serenity of the town and its relaxing atmosphere. All in all, this route combines the comfort of easy terrain with the captivating beauty of the Mediterranean coast, creating an unforgettable cycling experience for all those that adventure on it

Andratx - Sant Elm - Port Andratx - Andratx - Andratx (Mallorca) | VISIT ANDRATX

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Difference in altitude:488.16

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